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NORWAY VIDEO,Pictures ofnorway,Norway scenery,norway midnight sun,norway lofoten.MY SELF COMPOSED MUSIC MUSIKKNYTT.COM admin(a) .Pillow with picture from Norway below.Click on image.Scroll down for more videos 

NORWAY VIDEO,Pictures of norway,Norway scenery,norway midnight sun,norway lofoten,norway northern light


Norway, Norway, is a monarchy in Europe. Norway is located on the western and northern part of the Scandinavian peninsula. The country borders east towards Sweden, Finland and Russia.
In the north, west and south, Norway is surrounded by the sea: the Barents Sea in the northeast, the Norwegian Sea in the northwest, the west and southwest of the North Sea and the Skagerrak in the southeast.
In addition, Norway includes the archipelago of Svalbard and Jan Mayen in the northern Atlantic as well as three bilandes: Bouvet Island in the southern Atlantic and Peter I Island and Queen Maud Land in Antarctica.
The country is long and narrow, with a very long coastline. Norway is sparsely populated and has a population of about 5.3 million inhabitants (2017).
Norway is one of the richest countries in the world. This is partly due to access to several energy sources: hydropower, oil and gas. The country has strong industrialization, a short distance to important markets in Western Europe, political stability and a population with a high level of education.
The name Norway has a Norse origin and has several explanations. The traditional is that it means “the north road” or “the road to the north”, a more recent explanation is “the country along the narrow fjords”, see Norway / Norway – etymology.
Norway’s national anthem is “Yes, we love this country”, and Norway’s national day is May 17th.
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Geography and environment
Bring seats by Lovatnet, Loen in Nordfjord. In the background Kjenndalskruna and Ramnefjellet. The Norwegian west coast nature is beautiful, but dangerous. Twice, in 1905 and 1936, the large stone walk went from Ramnefjellet. The flood waves that were triggered led to great loss of life. Now people no longer live at Kjenndal and Bødal at the bottom of the valley. The picture is taken from the paper lexicon Store norske leksikon, published 2005-2007. Bring seats of T. Moen / Kunnskapsforlagets archives ※. Reproduced with permission
Norway has a long and strongly incised coastline with many fjords and coves. With all fjords, bays and the 239,057 registered islands, the coastline constitutes about 100 915 kilometers. It is the world’s second longest coast for a single country. Only Canada has a longer coastline. Norway’s mainland extends over 13 latitudes and 26 latitudes.
The knife shell on Magerøya in Nordkapp municipality is the northernmost point of the mainland, and Rossøya, north of Nordaustlandet on Svalbard, is the kingdom of Norway’s northernmost point. Norway’s southernmost point is the island of Pysen in the municipality of Mandal, somewhat southeast of the city center.
The northernmost point of Norway video (and Northern Europe) on the mainland is Kinnarodden on the Nordkinn peninsula in Lebesby municipality. The southernmost point on the mainland is on the peninsula Lindesnes in the municipality of Lindesnes. The distance between Lindesnes and North Cape is 1699 kilometers in airline.
Norway’s highest mountain is Galdhøpiggen, which reaches up to 2469 meters above sea level. The longest river is Glomma and the largest lake is Mjøsa.
The mainland is often divided into the five regions Eastern Norway, Southern Norway, Western Norway, Trøndelag and Northern Norway.
The climate is largely determined by the Gulf Stream. Along with southwestern winds with warmer air, this country provides a milder climate than the northern location would suggest. The topography of fjords and valleys with high mountains between and in large mountain ranges creates great differences in the climate. The variations in the climate from year to year are also quite large, especially in the northern parts of the country.
The annual mean temperature is approx. 8 degrees along the west coast, in central mountain areas with a height of over 750–1000 meters above sea level, it is 0 degrees. Annual average rainfall for Norway is approx. 1400 millimeters. It generally falls most precipitation in the fall, at least winter time and spring. On the coast and in the mountains, there is often strong wind.
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Plant and animal life
The plant life in Norway alternates strongly with the natural conditions. Arctic plant species are found in northern Norway and in mountain areas in southern Norway. Western Norway, due to the mild ocean climate, has a flora that resembles English coastal flora.
The vegetation in Norway varies widely from the outermost forestless coastal areas to coniferous forests inland and up to the high mountains depending on changing temperature conditions, precipitation and soil conditions.
About 20 per cent of Norway’s area has productive forest.
Norway’s wildlife consists of both northern or arctic species and of species of a more southern nature. The country’s vast extent north-south and great topographical differences give wildlife a varied feel. There can be no sharp geographical boundaries on land or on the water; for example, arctic fauna is associated with all higher mountain regions.
Typical species in the north are reindeer, wolverine, snow owls, grouse and snow grouse. In southern Norway, animals of Eastern and Central European origin, such as moose, deer, roe deer, beaver, brown bear, wolf, lynx, limb, mare and char. The number of large predators is reduced due to persecution. There are species of seals and whales along the entire coast.
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NORWAY VIDEO,Pictures of norway,Norway scenery,norway midnight sun,norway lofoten,norway northern light